Explore the splendid  and mysterious underground world of Vallina cave accompanied by experienced guides.

MEETING POINTPorrua Village 5 Km from Llanes
TIMETABLE10.30 and 16.30
DURATION3 Hours nearly
AGEFrom 12 years
EQUIPMENT REQUIREDComfortable clothe. Long or short pants, t-shirt and sport shoes
Certifies GuideCaving suit
Helmet and headlampInsurances and taxes
Transportation until meeting point

Caving or speleology is the underground exploration of natural or man-made caverns. Caves are one of the most fascinating environments known to man where it is still possible to participate in original exploration. Cave systems have taken thousands of years to evolve their fantastic shapes, and crystal & clay formations. Stalagtites and stalagmites found across the rocky cave floor and roofs are just two types of calcite formations that may greet a visitor to this unique natural world. Virgin clay floors remain as pristine as the day ancient floodwaters last receded. A caving trip and caving tour takes you to a world that, whether you are the first to enter or not, will leave an unforgettable impression. Unfortunately, very few people, apart from caving clubs, are able to experience this remarkable environment so take advantage of this opportunity whilst in Asturias area. Your caving activity in Llanes can involve walking and crawling through a whole new subterranean world – one you never knew existed. Be amazed by the rock formations. Asturias has some of the best limestone caving in Spain. You will be kitted out with the caving equipment and caving gear including caving helmet, lamp and caving suit. An incredible experience and one not to be missed. Vallina cave is located 10 minutes distance from Llanes. A caving experience in Llanes is an activity suitable for all abilities. All ages find the experience exhilarating from 7 years. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy this activity.

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