¡Come and experience the Sella and Cares-Deva Rivers at its best with our affordable canoe and kayak hire!


At basecamp,  you will prepare properly, in locker rooms. Depending the weather conditions you need a wetsuit or just a bathing suit and shirt.

Once prepared and after a short course to learn how to move forward, turn and brief security notions the descent begins.

We will deliver you a watertight container with a packed lunch. In this container you can carry camera, towel, phone, etc.

You can begin your adventure and you simply paddle your canoe or kayak.

Meet us in end point and we will transport you up to our basecamp.

PRICE PER PERSON25 € Sella and Deva rivers, 30 € Cares river
DEPARTURE PLACEArriondas (Sella river), Panes (Cares and Deva rivers)
TIMETABLE10.30-11.30-12.30 (Sella river), 11.00 – 12.00 (Deva river), 10.30 (Cares river)
DURATIONAproximately 3 hours, depending on the flow rate.
EQUIPMENT REQUIREDSwimsuit, wet shoes, T-shirt or lycra, sun cream, dry shoes for returning, towel and dry under wear
Kayak sit-on-topLife vest and paddle
Wetsuit when it is neccesaryPacked lunch and dry watertightr
Transportation up to our BasecampLockers rooms and toilets with showers




Additional information

RiverSella, Deva, Cares

The Sella River is the most famous and known and therefore also the most crowded in summertime. This river is perfect to get down by yourself. There are 3 tour options: – Short Course: 8 Km – Media Course: 12 Km – Long Course: 15 Km

Deva river is not so famous as Sella river, so especially in summertime if you are looking for quietness and nature, Cares-Deva is much better than the Sella. In Cares-Deva river, you get down with a guide. In this case there is only one tour of 12 Km.

If you have some experience and you are looking for adventure , Cares river is the best option. The course is 9 Km in Peñamellera Alta area, with a incredible landscape, crystal clear water and no crowded. Only available in May, June and July

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