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PICOS DE EUROPA is an unique region of Spain along the North coast near the city of Santander, Gijón and Oviedo.  The Picos are a limestone mountain range that hug the provinces of Asturias, Cantabria & the North part of the biggest province in Spain – Castille y Leon.

It is an Eco destination- one of the first National Parks in Europe.  As such there is no mass tourism or the infrastructure that is related to that.  Instead you have the genuine natural environment where wild nature & man live harmoniously in balance with each other.

As a limestone range with peaks reaching 2,600m, deep valleys & green pastures where animals graze up to 2,000m, the area is rich in wild life, plants, history & geology.  Bears, wolves, eagles, vultures, chamois, deer & many others populate the area along with alpine plants & so much more.  Ancient man lived here as did the Romans, Celts & others.  It is steeped in history & traces of it are evident throughout.

The Picos are just 40 minutes inland from the Cantabrian Sea which gives them a uniqueness not just for the spectacular views but also for their sculptured peaks.  Little villages populate the valleys with some also higher up & dotted throughout the three “massifs”, giving this area, that lovely authentic experience of rural living where local culture & gastronomy are still preserved.

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