Cantabrian Mountains


Hiking trips in the Cantabrian Mountains

Here you have a selection of the best destinations in the Cantabrian mountains, a mountain range still unknown and isolated, even in the summer.

Somiedo Naturak Park.The Somiedo Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve is home to one of the primary bear and grouse populations of the Cantabrian Mountains. With the Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña, and Ibias Natural Park area, the multitude of relatively isolated valleys and mountains have allowed for maintaining that wildlife.
Here a hiker’s paradise opens up, full of contrasts from the high peaks to the broad glacial valleys with their lakes, lagoons and pastures to the rugged and wooded river valleys.

Montaña de Riaño & Fuentes Carrionas.
The Southern side of the Picos de Europa may have a different climate to the Cantabrian seaward side and, along with the Western Massif, approached from the South, offer many different perspectives.

In the Montaña de Riaño & Fuentes Carrionas, you will immediately feel the expansive grandeur of these Alpine-like peaks mirrored in the still water of the lakes beneath them. The villages, too, are small, intimate and pretty. There are very few hill walkers and tourists in this area, adding to that sense of tranquillity that will make this tour an exceptional experience.


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